Third Car Garage

Any car fan would be proud to have a third car garage to store their car during the winter or just to keep it in a nice clean place with all their tools.

A corvette owner in Westwood had a dream to keep his new and old corvettes one next to the other in a 24’x24’ garage. The owner wanted the new garage to be a continueation to the existing garage and the house.

Buildit2 architect designed the new garage to fit the existing roof line in a way that the new garage is now part of the house. The new garage is also insulated and has a gas heater to keep the garage temperature controlled to protects the car during the cold winter.

Roof shingles installation


Pouring garage foundation

Garage foundation

Garage framed and skinned

Garage ready for shingles

Pouring garage gloor

Finished garage floor

Finished garage